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Luxury Sun Tours offer custom designed travel experiences of Barcelona & Costa Brava to delight the senses, entice the palate and nurture the soul as you Live, Laugh and Love your way through Catalonia, one of Spain’s most Iconic regions.
Luxury Sun Tours attracts passionate, world-wide Travel, Food and Wine enthusiasts who desire a unique and intimate VIP experience to discover the hidden gems of the Emporda region in Costa Brava, Spain.
Trust Luxury Sun Tours to take care of every detail throughout your stay while you relax, enjoy and discover the wonders of this enchanting country so rich in charm, majestic beauty, superb wine, gastronomy, culture and excitement!
*Browse our Itinerary Package Offerings for Your adventure to Spain!

Itineraries: Acerca de

Costa Brava, Empordà
Catalonia, Spain

Are you longing for a memorable luxury vacation filled with magical moments full of fun times, new friends and exciting adventures while discovering the wonderful hidden gems of one of Spain’s most beautiful idyllic regions that boasts world renowned gastronomy, amazing wineries and privileged unique scenic vistas?  Don’t miss our COSTA BRAVA TOUR planned for months June/July and September: Enjoy relaxing and fun days under the Mediterranean Sun with daily outings to explore charming beachside villages, amazing restaurants showcasing local gastronomy, Yacht outing, Vineyard Wine Tastings & private local Chef dinner events, bike riding and memorable amazing scenic views…

Barcelona Gastronomy
& Arts, Catalonia, Spain 

You work hard and you deserve the best life has to offer so indulge yourself without guilt or pressure and enjoy some good times, make new friends, take in spectacular scenic vistas, delight your palate with some amazing food and wine amidst quaint, ancient or modern historic backgrounds!
Dare let go of it all for a few wonderful days and immerse yourself in a memorable vacation designed to meet your wishes as you discover the thrilling and fascinating city of Barcelona: Art Galleries and Venues, Impressive Architecture and Historical Culture, Star rated restaurants, Culinary Venues and master classes, big city Shopping sprees or just relax at a street side cafe or park and enjoy people watching in one of the worlds most beautiful cities. Have the time of your life while we tend to all the details  Relax and enjoy Barcelona, The City of Dreams! 

Image by Melanie Picazo

Roman Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain

The coastal city of Tarragona in northeastern Spain is known for its ancient Roman ruins from its days of a colony known as Tarraco founded in 2188 BC! While it is not the only Roman city f Spain it was the very FIRST Roman city beyond the Western Empire stronghold on the Italian peninsula! This makes for a fascinating backdrop for a romantic getaway with your special person, a gastronomic foodie & wine experience with cultural and  adventurous outings, a memorable trip bonding with your favorite group of family or friends or even a team building experience with your employees and colleagues while touring ancient ruin sites. 
Trust us to take care of all the details so you can just relax, have fun and make wonderful memories.

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