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Meet the Team

Friends United by a deep Love of Spain and a Passion for Travel, Food & Wine

Luxury Sun Tours believes in sharing with others what we know and love best…
Chef Yvette, a native of Catalonia Spain, has designed our tours guided by family and local partners to create an amazing Experience for our guests to discover the charming hidden corners, fascinating culture and gastronomic treasures that this region abundantly offers.
History is part of our Past, Present and Future.
This land holds traditions and ancient customs that are deeply rooted into our hearts from our childhood experiences and travels that remain with us in memories where we can revisit cherished moments and always return home... Luxury Sun Tours is a project created from love and passion. It is Chef Yvette's greatest desire to share all that we know and love of this beautiful land with those willing to open their hearts and senses to experience the magic with us while film-maker Lonnie documents every moment with the most beautiful timeless photographs...
We believe in the value of friendships, intimate gatherings and scenic surroundings that create a community of like-minded people who travel from afar and wish to share a memorable VIP experience and intensely Live, Laugh and Love their way through the scenic vistas, delectable gastronomy, amazing wines and historic cultural adventures.


Yvette Daniel

I am a culinary enthusiast with a deep love of fresh, clean foods prepared with authentic culinary honesty. Spain honors these traditions and slow method culinary process which is the basis of Spain's famed cuisine.

As an intuitive cook and former Chef/Owner of the Wooden Spoon Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia I am honored to share Spain's delectable cuisine with my family, friends and guests.

I am an American/Spanish dual citizen, mother of two and grandmother to four adorable girls. Spain is my great love and passion! I have long held the dream to share my love of Spain; her wine, food & culture with others and this is now a reality through the creation of Luxury Sun Tours. I am a hope-filled romantic, a dreamer and believer of manifesting wishes of the heart.


Lonnie Fravel

I think I was born a hodiphile  ("one who loves to travel") because I have had wanderlust since I can remember. My real globetrotting started though when

I was seventeen years old and I have not stopped since. 

Most people think travelling is a way to escape but I have always found it a way to discover

new things about myself.  With each trip I have somehow redefined my life.  There truly is something magical about immersing yourself in another country, culture, tradition and language that forces you to open up to a whole new world of possibilities. 


No surprise I ended up in a career in television and video production that brought me to travel the corners of the earth over the past twenty plus years.  My favorite travel companion is my daughter who began flying before she could walk. 


One of my most favorite place that will forever be imbed in my heart is Spain.  The rich culture, experiences and adventures that have always awaited me there is something I want to share with the world.  That is how we birthed the idea of building a like minded community of people who want to share passionate adventures travelling and discovering hidden gems of the world.


Naomi Daniel

I am an American / Spanish dual citizen living in Barcelona for over 38 years. I am in love with this City and the many hidden gems found throughout Catalonia. One of my greatest pleasures is to share these wonderful places with family and friends that arrive from my pleasant surprise I always discover something new and fascinating in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain...This is what I love so much about this land! I am a fashion designer with a Flagship store in Barcelona and also in Begur as well as a mother of three children that I adore and two beautiful granddaughters. I consider myself an enthusiastic optimist in everything I do, loving to spread this feeling with those around me.  And to boot, I'm eternally in love with life!! I am so excited to share my country and my knowledge of this region as a consultant for Luxury Sun Tours. It is the perfect way to share all my love and passion for this land and my eternal love for life. My Motto: You cannot live without laughing, and you cannot love without living! So let's Live!!

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