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Meet the Team

Three Women United by a deep Love of Spain and a Passion for Travel, Food & Wine

Luxury Sun Tours believes in sharing with others what we know and love best…
As natives of Catalonia, Spain our tours are focused on helping others discover the charming hidden corners, fascinating culture and gastronomic treasures that this region abundantly offers and we know so very well.
History is part of our Past, Present and Future. This land holds experiences and ancient customs that are deeply rooted into our hearts from our childhood and remain with us in our memory… where we relive cherished moments and can always return to our home.
Luxury Sun Tours is a project created from love and passion. It is the desire to share all that we know and love of this beautiful land with those willing to open their hearts and senses to experience the magic with us.
We believe in the value of friendships, intimate gatherings and scenic surroundings that create a community of like-minded people who travel from afar and wish to share a memorable VIP experience and intensely Live, Laugh and Love their way through the scenic vistas, delectable gastronomy, amazing wines and historic cultural adventures.


Yvette Daniel

I am a culinary enthusiast. An intuitive cook and Chef/Owner of the Wooden Spoon Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. I am an American/Spanish dual citizen, mother of two and grandmother to three adorable girls. Spain is my great love and passion! I have long held the dream to share my love of Spain; her wine, food & culture with others and this is now a reality through the creation of Luxury Sun Tours. I am a hope-filled romantic, a dreamer and believer of manifesting wishes of the heart.

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