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The fertile, very beautiful Emporda Region is home to a centuries old wine-making history.. and a fascinating history at that as one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world!

The area of Empuries, today a part of iconic Catalunya, was conquered by both the Greeks and the Romans 2500 years ago. An area of great beauty and fertile abundance blessed with a coastline that embraces the sapphire blue meditrranean sea reaching all the way up to the French Border and the Pyrenees Mountains.

Wine cultivation was spread across the area and became renowned for Emporda Wine that was consumed locally as produced for export as well.

The first wine production decline occurred around 400 BC with the arrival of the Visigoths and the fall of the Roman Empire. The Visigoths continued wine production but the effects of the fall of the Roman empire was inescapable... In 711BC the Muslim Ottoman Empire invaded and conquered Spain for the next 700 years... bringing about a great decline in the wine production and consumption.

It was Queen Isabel La Catolica, a devout Catholic, who took it upon herself to personally ride and fight alongside her troops to conquer the Islamic invaders and retake her country's sovereignity. This story alone is a fascinating one and particularly so if you enjoy stories of powerful Queen warriors. The conquer of the Islam invaders led to the re-start of the wine production but mostly at the hands of Monks and local farmers leading to growth in the Emporda area creating many breathtakingly beautiful medievel villages that still survive to this day... at it's peak Emporda had about 40,000 hectares of wine producing vines.

In the Late 1800's Catalunya was infested by the phylloxera plague that crossed the Pyrenees Mountain range from France after destroying France's vineyards and going on to do the same to the Vineyards of Emporda, wiping out almost all of the vineyards...Vineyards were destroyed, villages lay in ruin... to survive many turned to planting Olive Trees and Cork Trees. T

The history of this wine region is simply fascinating to both wine historians and everyone else as well. Today there is about 3,000 hectares of wine producing vines. There are less than 50 operating wineries producing wine fr local consultion, fir Spain, Europe and now being introduced into the United States.

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The Emporda wine region carries the exclusive DO denomination ensuring a high standard of quality and includes native grape varieties liek Grenache, Macabeu. There are 10 white and 10 red grape varieties within the DO Emporda. Many of these wineries also produce wines under other denominations such as DO Catalunya and DO Cava but mostly produce DO Emporda wines.

These wines are characterized by their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains. There is low rainfall, lots of sun and the infamous TRAMUNTANA winds, a fierce wind from the North, that cools off the hot region at night and provides the grape varietals with much of their character.

Emporda, Costa Brava is a magical place. A place filled with stories, historical culture and architecture... a place where old-time, slow-method of production is still an honored skill.. a place so special, so alluring that one cannot fully describe in words it's magic and charms. A place of idyllic, enchanting views... where one slows down, breathes easy and simply connects with the sun, the Mediterranean sea, the breeze, the aromas, the tastes and the scenic breathtaking views...

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